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Complement C3 deposition on nucleic acids is characteristic of immune complex initiated classical pathway overdrive in lupus erythematosus

ABSTRACT: Systemic lupus erythematosus is progressive, immune complex-mediated autoimmune disease targeting numerous organs. A central feature of the disease is the development of antibodies against nuclear components, including DNA. Antibodies against double-stranded DNA are so characteristic of this disease that their detection constitutes one of the criteria for diagnosis. We examined the formation of immune complexes on the surface of autoantigen microarrays incubated in the sera of 39 inactive and 22 active lupus patients and of 31 control subjects. Three different kinds of nucleic acids, dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA were used as antigens, along with chromatin (nucleosomal extract) and several other reference molecules. The composition with respect to IgG, IgM and complement components C3 and C4 was determined. We find that while IgM and C4 are physiological components of immune complexes formed from nucleic acids, both IgG and C3 are extremely characteristic of lupus patients. Complement C4 deposition changes were not consistent: these increased on ssDNA and RNA, decreased on chromatin and did not change significantly on dsDNA. The presence of IgG and C3 in the immune complexes formed from different nucleic acids was characteristic for both active and inactive lupus patients. Receiver-operating curve statistics indicate that C3 deposition measurements can improve the efficiency of identification of inactive lupus patients. These observations reveal the complexity of immune profile changes accompanying SLE. Overall design: C3, IgM, C4 and IgG binding in 92 human serum samples were examined using custom-made protein arrays

INSTRUMENT(S): AbC_ELTE_human_432_v1

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Krisztian Papp  




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