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RNA-Seq analysis reveals the growth of Populus in different light qualities

ABSTRACT: Light plays a key role in plant growth, development and response to adversity. Plants perceive different wavelengths of light in the environment through various photoreceptors and regulate plant growth and development through light signaling. However, there are fewer studies on the effects of different light qualities on the growth and development of tree species at high altitude. In the study, the effects of blue and green light treatments on the growth and development of Populus cuttings were investigated. Blue light treatment significantly increased the high growth of Populus, while green light treatment showed the opposite trend. Consequently, blue light treatment demonstrated growth promotion by increasing the growth hormone content of Populus. This implies that Populus may benefit from blue light therapy in terms of growth and development, which may be helpful for further research into the introduction and cultivation of poplar species in high altitude regions.

ORGANISM(S): Populus qamdoensis Populus schneideri

PROVIDER: GSE269248 | GEO | 2024/06/09


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