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Whole Transcriptome Data from Embryonic Mouse Limb-Buds

ABSTRACT: Limb development is a powerful model to investigate transcriptional complexity during differentiation and development, as tissue types appear at various stages, with unique transcriptional signatures. So far, most studies have used conventional expression arrays, which can identify only a predetermined set of cDNAs. However there is growing evidence that most of the non-coding part of the genome is transcribed as well. We took advantage of genomic tiling arrays, which cover most of the mouse genome, to look at limb transcriptomes in an unbiased manner, by identifying all genic- and intergenic transcripts. We selected three developmental stages (E11.5 ; E13.5 ; E15.5), covering a large period of limb organogenesis, during which the limb evolves from a mostly homogenous mesenchymal cell population to more specialized tissue types such as cartilage, bone, muscle and skin. Overall design: Two biological replicates for each of three time points (E11.5, E13.5, E15.5).

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mm35b_M01R_v01] Affymetrix Mouse Tiling 1.1R Array Set

SUBMITTER: Denis Duboule 

PROVIDER: GSE27417 | GEO | 2012-01-23



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Analysis of the dynamics of limb transcriptomes during mouse development.

Gyurján Istvan I   Sonderegger Bernhard B   Naef Felix F   Duboule Denis D  

BMC developmental biology 20110729

BACKGROUND: The development of vertebrate limbs has been a traditional system to study fundamental processes at work during ontogenesis, such as the establishment of spatial cellular coordinates, the effect of diffusible morphogenetic molecules or the translation between gene activity and morphogenesis. In addition, limbs are amongst the first targets of malformations in human and they display a huge realm of evolutionary variations within tetrapods, which make them a paradigm to study the regul  ...[more]

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