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Expression profiling of Adipose tissue from (C57BL/6J X C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds

ABSTRACT: The (C57BL/6J X C3H/HeJ)F2 intercross consists of 334 animals of both sexes. All are ApoE null and received a high fat Western diet from 8-24 weeks of age. Overall design: Adipose from 295 F2 female and male mice (animals fed a high fat "Western" diet from 8-24 weeks of age.) derived from C57BL/6J and C3H/HeJ parental strains with both on ApoE null backgrounds. All samples were compared to a common pool created from equal portions of RNA from each of the samples. Keywords=Genetics of Gene Expression Keywords=C57BL/6J Keywords=C3H/HeJ

INSTRUMENT(S): Rosetta/Merck (C57BL/6J X C3H/HeJ)F2 on ApoE null backgrounds 75K oligio array 1

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus

SUBMITTER: Leslie Ingram-drake  

PROVIDER: GSE3086 | GEO | 2006-07-07



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