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Expression data from sorted Id3-GFP hi Id2-YFP int and Id3-GFP lo Id2-YFP hi activated CD8 T cells

ABSTRACT: During an immune response, CD8 T cells fall along a gradient of memory potential, but the regulators of these fate decsisions are not well understood. We utlized Id3-GFP and Id2-YFP reporter mice to elucidate the role of Id3 and Id2 during early CD8 T cell differentiation by gene expression. Overall design: Id3-GFP hi Id2-YFP int or Id3-GFP lo Id2-YFP hi OT-I cells were sorted into trizol at day 6 of VSV-OVA infection and analyzed by microarray

INSTRUMENT(S): [MoGene-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Array [transcript (gene) version]

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: John Adam Best  

PROVIDER: GSE32675 | GEO | 2011-10-07



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