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Gastric Cancer Gene Expression Profiling

ABSTRACT: This series studied the patterns of gene expression among different types of gastric tumors. Gastric tumors and adjacent non-tumor normal tissues were obtained from 50 gastric cancer patients of diverse stages (IA, IB, II, IIIA, IIIB, and IV), tumor types (intestinal, diffuse, or mixed), and degree of tumor differentiation (moderately or poorly differentiated). Keywords: Cancer patient samples Overall design: We obtained both tumor and normal tissue samples from the same patient and hybridized them together to remove any individual biological variations unrelated to gatric cancer progression. We hybridized each patient's sample twice with dye swapping.

INSTRUMENT(S): Center for Functional Analysis of Human Genome Human KUGI 14K (stomach cancer)

SUBMITTER: Seon-Young Kim  

PROVIDER: GSE3438 | GEO | 2006-06-01



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We generated gene expression data from the tissues of 50 gastric cancer patients, and applied meta-analysis and gene set analysis to this data and three other stomach cancer gene expression data sets to define the gene expression changes in gastric tumors. By meta-analysis we identified genes consistently changed in gastric carcinomas, while gene set analysis revealed consistently changed biological themes. Genes and gene sets involved in digestion, fatty acid metabolism, and ion transport were  ...[more]

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