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Juvenile Fundulus heteroclitus exposed to Cr(VI)

ABSTRACT: Cr(VI) is a common bioavailable toxic metal that can cause oxidative stress, DNA adducts, and perturb normal gene expression. Changes in gene expression are useful biomarkers of toxicant exposure that provide information about the health of an organism, its ability to adapt to its environment, and indicate potential toxicant-specific effects. Therefore, we developed a toxicology array to the estuarine sentinel species Fundulus heteroclitus, or mummichog. Juvenile mummichog were exposed to potassium dichromate for thirty days at concentrations from 0 to 24 mg/L of Cr(VI), and growth was measured to determine the NOEC (1.5 mg/L or 0.0288 mM) and LOEC (3 mg/L or 0.0577 mM). Body burdens from Cr(VI) exposed fish demonstrated a dose dependent increase and were inversely correlated to body weight. Cr(VI)-exposed juvenile mummichog differentially expressed greater than 20 genes in a dose-dependent manner, including hepatic glucose transporter 2, liver fatty acid binding protein, ATPase synthase 8, type II keratin, TBT binding protein, and complement component C3-2. Many of these genes are involved in energy metabolism or growth, which is consistent with the reduced growth caused by Cr(VI). Keywords: dose response Overall design: Juvenile mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) were exposed to potassium chromate at either 0, 1.5 (0.0288 mM), or 3 mg/L (0.0577 mM) Cr(VI). Thirty day exposures began within 48 hours of mummichog hatching. Each treatment group had four 500mL plastic tanks with 6 fish per tank with static media renewals every 48 hours. Mummichogs were housed at 25C in a 14/10 light/dark cycle at 18‰ salinity. At the end of the exposure, half of the fish from each tank were euthanized and whole bodies were placed in TRI-Reagent® for RNA isolation (Sigma Chemical Co, St. Louis, MO), then stored at -80C. The other three fish in each tank were used for chromium body burden determination.

INSTRUMENT(S): Fundulus heteroclitus array #1

SUBMITTER: Jonathan Roling  

PROVIDER: GSE3481 | GEO | 2006-03-31



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