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Gene Expression profile of Sox9 sorted cells from Vertebral column of E12.5 wildtype (WT) and Homozygous (HOMO) mouse embryos

ABSTRACT: This study aims to look at gene expresion profiles between wildtype and Sox9 knockout cells of the vertebral column in a E12.5 mouse embryo. Instead of looking at the whole vertebral column, only cells expressing Sox9 were sorted by Fluroscent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and subjected to expression profiling by microarray. Overall design: EGFP was knocked into the Sox9 locus by homologous recombination in mESC followed by generation of chimaeric and stable mice line. Heterozygous embryos expressing EGFP was was used to dissected out the vertebral column and Fluroscent activated cell sorting was used to sort out cell expressing Sox9 as marked by EGFP. For Homozygous geneotype chimaeric embryos were used as Sox9 homozygotes die at E11.5. Total RNA was extracted and hybidized to an Illumina WG6 v1.1 mouse array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina mouse-6 v1.1 expression beadchips

SUBMITTER: Thomas Lufkin  

PROVIDER: GSE35898 | GEO | 2015-03-19



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In vivo genome-wide analysis of multiple tissues identifies gene regulatory networks, novel functions and downstream regulatory genes for Bapx1 and its co-regulation with Sox9 in the mammalian vertebral column.

Chatterjee Sumantra S   Sivakamasundari V V   Yap Sook Peng SP   Kraus Petra P   Kumar Vibhor V   Xing Xing X   Lim Siew Lan SL   Sng Joel J   Prabhakar Shyam S   Lufkin Thomas T  

BMC genomics 20141205

Vertebrate organogenesis is a highly complex process involving sequential cascades of transcription factor activation or repression. Interestingly a single developmental control gene can occasionally be essential for the morphogenesis and differentiation of tissues and organs arising from vastly disparate embryological lineages.Here we elucidated the role of the mammalian homeobox gene Bapx1 during the embryogenesis of five distinct organs at E12.5 - vertebral column, spleen, gut, forelimb and h  ...[more]

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