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Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: The differentiation of specialized feeding sites in Zea mays root cells in response to nematode infestation involves substantial cellular reprogramming of host cells that is not well characterized at the molecular level. Expression data was generated from Zea mays root cells undergoing giant cell formation due to nematode infestation and from non-infested control root cells. Cells were laser captured 14 and 21 days after infestation. Overall design: Each time point (14 day and 21 day) consisted of three biological replicates per treatment (control root cells or giant cells). Control cells were captured from an area ~13,000,000 um2 in size and giant cells were captured from an area ~5,000,000 um2 in size. RNA samples were isolated using the PicoPure RNA Isolation Kit (Arcturus, Mountain View, USA). RNA amplifications were carried out with the NuGEN WT-Ovation Pico kit.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Maize] Affymetrix Maize Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Zea mays  

SUBMITTER: Lauren McIntyre  

PROVIDER: GSE37556 | GEO | 2012-04-28



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