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Effect of post-translational modifications of SATB1 on global gene expression in Jurkat T cells

ABSTRACT: Gene profiling studies using RNA from cells overexpressing point mutants of SATB1 defective in phosphorylation or acetylation unequivocally demonstrated the importance of these modifications towards the ability of SATB1 to act as a global regulator of gene expression in Jurkat T cells. Jurkat cells express SATB1 endogenously, and therefore we monitored the effect of overexpression of SATB1. Under this situation, the overexpressed mutants will compete with the endogenously expressed wild type SATB1 and therefore the effect on gene expression may differ from SATB1 non-expressing non T cell line such as HeLa. Keywords: cDNA array Overall design: Total RNA from untransfected Jurkat cells was taken as reference and was labeled with Cy3. Total RNA from Jurkat cells stably transfected individually with wild-type, S185A, or K136A mutant of SATB1 were taken as experimental sample and labeled with Cy5.

INSTRUMENT(S): UHN Human 19K EST array

SUBMITTER: Sanjeev Galande  

PROVIDER: GSE4314 | GEO | 2006-06-15



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