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Recipe for a busy bee: MicroRNAs in honey bee caste determination

ABSTRACT: Social caste determination in the honey bee is assumed to be determined by the dietary status of the young larvae and translated into physiological and epigenetic changes through nutrient-sensing pathways. We have employed Illumina/Solexa sequencing to examine the small RNA content in the bee larval food source, and show that worker jelly is enriched in miRNA complexity and abundance relative to royal jelly. The miRNA levels in worker jelly were 7-215 fold higher than in royal jelly, and both jellies showed dynamic changes in miRNA content during the 4th to 6th day of larval development. Adding specific miRNAs to royal jelly elicited significant changes in queen larval mRNA expression and in morphological characters of the emerging adult queen bee. We propose that miRNAs in the nurse bee secretions constitute an additional element in the regulatory control of caste determination in the honey bee. Overall design: We collected worker and royal jelly of the Italian honeybee (ZND No.1, Apis mellifera ligustica) at 73~90 hours (4th-day larvae), 97~114 hours (5th-day larvae), and 121~138 hours (6th-day larvae) after hatching. After total RNA was extracted  and quantified , relative equal amounts of total RNAs from each of the three sampling days were pooled into respectively worker and royal jelly samples, and the fraction of small RNAs less than 30nt long was retained and sequenced on the Illumina/Solexa high-throughput platform (HTP).

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer (Apis mellifera)

ORGANISM(S): Apis mellifera  

SUBMITTER: Xiangqian Guo  




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