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MiRNA expression of canine mammary cancer stem cells

ABSTRACT: The aim of our study was to assess miRNA expression of canine mammary cancer stem cells. Three canine mammary cancer cell lines (CMT-U27, CMT-U309 and P114) were stained using Anti-Sca1 (Stem cell antigen 1) antibodies. The FACS analysis showed 0,3-1% of Sca1+ cells in each of the cell line. The cells were sorted (using FACS Aria II) as Sca1+ and Sca1- and subjected to further analysis of miRNA expression (using Agilent custom miRNA microarray). Overall design: Canine mammary cancer cell lines were stained using Stem Cell Antigen 1 antibodies and then sorted using FACS Aria II as Sca-1 positive (cancer stem cells) and Sca-1 negative (control). Then, total RNA was isolated and hybridized at miRNA microarrays.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-037303 Canis familiaris miRNA array (miRNA version)

SUBMITTER: Magdalena Król  

PROVIDER: GSE45622 | GEO | 2014-12-31



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