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Microarray analysis of WT and Notch2-deficient classical DC subsets

ABSTRACT: Defense against attaching and effacing (A/E) bacteria requires the sequential generation of IL-23 and IL-22 to induce protective mucosal responses. While the critical source of IL-22 has been identified as CD4+ and Nkp46+ innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), the precise source of IL-23 is unclear. Here, we use genetic techniques to deplete specific classical dendritic cell (cDC) subsets and analyze immunity to the A/E pathogen Citrobacter rodentium. We find that Zbtb46+ cDCs, and specifically Notch2-dependent intestinal CD11b+ cDCs, but not Batf3-dependent CD103+ cDCs, are required for IL-23 production and immunity against C. rodentium. Notch2 controls cDC differentiation at a terminal step mediated by lymphotoxin signaling. Importantly, these results provide the first demonstration of a non-redundant function of CD11b+ cDCs in vivo. Overall design: Analysis of Notch2-dependent genes in CD11b+ and DEC205+ splenic classical DC subsets. Splenocytes were harvested from littermate WT Notch2 f/f C57Bl/6 or Notch2 CD11c-cre C57Bl/6 mice and DC subsets sorted to >95% purity on the FACSAriaII.

INSTRUMENT(S): [MoGene-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Array [transcript (gene) version]

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Ansuman Satpathy  




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