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Streptococcus suis 05ZY: control vs contact with hBMEC 3 h

ABSTRACT: The interactions of Streptocococcus suis (S.suis) with human microvascular endothelial cells (hBMEC) are important process for S.suis passage across human blood brain barrier (BBB). S.suis has evolved precise mechanisms to alter gene expression depending on the distinct challenges posed by particular disease sites. Herein, a whole-genome DNA microarray was used to investigate the change of gene expression profile of S.suis after contact with hBMEC 3 h. comparison of RNA isolated from hBMEC-associated S.suis with RNA derived from control bacteria revealed significant differential changes for 175 S.suis genes including 123 up-regulated genes and 52 down-regulated genes at 3 h post infection. Overall design: A cDNA microarray imprinted with 2156 genes representing about 98% of Streptococcus suis serotype 2 genome was used for transcriptome analysis . For two-sample (reference vs. test) microarray hybridization, Two-condition experiment, control vs contact with hBMEC 3 h, four replicates (two biological replicates, two technical replicates) at each condition.

INSTRUMENT(S): Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33 2.2K

ORGANISM(S): Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33  

SUBMITTER: Huaijie Hao  




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