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ADAM9 Up-regulates N-Cadherin via MiR-218 Suppression in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells

ABSTRACT: Identification of miRNAs that differentially expressed in brain metastatic cells and were predicted to target CDH2. To investigate which miRNAs could regulate CDH2 expression in brain-metastatic lung cancer cells, we examined the miRNA expression profiles in brain-metastatic lung cancer cells and their parental cells using Illumina miRNA microarray. By comparing the endogenous expression of all miRNAs, 146 miRNAs were selected by 2-fold changes in brain-metastatic lung cancer cells. Furthermore, we used several algorithms in miRSystem to predict which miRNA whose target gene was CDH2. There were 44 miRNAs that were predicted to target CDH2. In total, we identified nine miRNAs whose target gene was CDH2 and whose expression was significantly different between the highly metastatic cells and their parental cells (Fig. 2A). Among these miRNAs, four miRNAs were found to be down-regulated and five miRNAs were up-regulated in brain-metastatic lung cancer cells (Fig. 2B).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens

PROVIDER: GSE51666 | GEO | 2016/10/11



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