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Overall functional diversity of microbial communities in three full-scale activated sludge bioreactors

ABSTRACT: Understanding microbial community diversity is thought to be crucial for improving process functioning and stabilities of wastewater treatment systems. However, current studies largely focus on taxonomic groups based on 16S rRNA, which are not necessarily linked to functioning, or a few selected functional genes. Here we launched a study to profile the overall functional genes of microbial communities in three full-scale wastewater treatment systems. Triplicate activated sludge samples from each system were analyzed using a high-throughput metagenomics tool named GeoChip 4.2, resulting in the detection of 38,507 to 40,647 functional genes. A high similarity of 75.5% to 79.7% shared genes was noted among the nine samples. Moreover, correlation analyses showed that the abundances of a wide array of functional genes were associated with system performances. For example, the abundances of overall nitrogen cycling genes had a strong correlation to total nitrogen (TN) removal rates (r = 0.7647, P < 0.01). The abundances of overall carbon cycling genes were moderately correlated with COD removal rates (r = 0.6515, P < 0.01). Lastly, we found that influent chemical oxygen demand (COD inf) and total phosphorus concentrations (TP inf), and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations were key environmental factors shaping the overall functional genes. Together, the results revealed vast functional gene diversity and some links between the functional gene compositions and microbe-mediated processes. Overall design: Three full-scale wastewater treatment systems located in the same city were investigated. Triplicate samples were collected in each site.

INSTRUMENT(S): Functional gene array GeoChip 4.2


PROVIDER: GSE53744 | GEO | 2014-12-31



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Overall functional gene diversity of microbial communities in three full-scale activated sludge bioreactors.

Xia Yu Y   Wang Xiaohui X   Wen Xianghua X   Ding Kun K   Zhou Jizhong J   Yang Yunfeng Y   Zhang Yu Y  

Applied microbiology and biotechnology 20140510 16

Understanding microbial community composition is thought to be crucial for improving process functioning and stabilities of full-scale activated sludge reactors in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). However, functional gene compositions of microbial communities within them have not been clearly elucidated. To gain a complete picture of microbial community, in this study, GeoChip 4.2 was used to profile the overall functional genes of three full-scale activated sludge bioreactors, the 16S rRNA  ...[more]

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