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SAGE Hiroshima gastric cancer tissue

ABSTRACT: Human primary gastric cancer tissue SAGE libraries. Profile of the genes expressed in well and poorly differentiated gastric cancer, early and advanced gastric cancer, scirrhous type gastric cancer, and lymph node metastasis determined through SAGE. Keywords = gastric cancer, histology, early gastric cancer, advanced gastric cancer, lymph node metastasis, scirrhous type gastric cancer Keywords: other

INSTRUMENT(S): SAGE:10:NlaIII:Homo sapiens

SUBMITTER: Wataru Yasui  

PROVIDER: GSE545 | GEO | 2003-07-21



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Gene expression profile of gastric carcinoma: identification of genes and tags potentially involved in invasion, metastasis, and carcinogenesis by serial analysis of gene expression.

Oue Naohide N   Hamai Yoichi Y   Mitani Yoshitsugu Y   Matsumura Shunji S   Oshimo Yasuhiro Y   Aung Phyu Phyu PP   Kuraoka Kazuya K   Nakayama Hirofumi H   Yasui Wataru W  

Cancer research 20040401 7

Gastric carcinoma (GC) is one of the most common malignancies worldwide. To better understand the genetic basis of this disease, we performed serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) on four primary GC samples and one associated lymph node metastasis. We obtained a total of 137,706 expressed tags (Gene Expression Omnibus accession number GSE 545, SAGE Hiroshima gastric cancer tissue), including 38,903 that were unique. Comparing tags from our GC libraries containing different stages and differe  ...[more]

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