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The arf10/16 double mutant has a differential transcriptional program in response to Al stress

ABSTRACT: To reveal how ARF10 and ARF16 regulate Al-induced root-growth inhibition, a transcriptome analysis was carried out by comparing without and with Al-exposed arf10/16 double mutant line and WT through RNA sequencing. The present transcriptomic analysis has revealed that many of the differentially transcribed genes associated with cell wall modification were regulated by transcription factors ARF10 and ARF16. The implication is that the auxin-regulated Al-induced inhibition of root growth arises from auxin signalling-regulated cell wall structure or component modification. Overall design: Total RNA obtained from control (non-treated roots) and Al-exposed roots. Six day old plants were treated with and without Al treatment for 24 h, then total RNA was isolated using the RNeasy® Plant Mini Kit (QIAGEN), and then Illumina sequencing was performed.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis Thaliana

SUBMITTER: Zhong-Bao Yang  

PROVIDER: GSE57487 | GEO | 2016-12-16



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TAA1-regulated local auxin biosynthesis in the root-apex transition zone mediates the aluminum-induced inhibition of root growth in Arabidopsis.

Yang Zhong-Bao ZB   Geng Xiaoyu X   He Chunmei C   Zhang Feng F   Wang Rong R   Horst Walter J WJ   Ding Zhaojun Z  

The Plant cell 20140722 7

The transition zone (TZ) of the root apex is the perception site of Al toxicity. Here, we show that exposure of Arabidopsis thaliana roots to Al induces a localized enhancement of auxin signaling in the root-apex TZ that is dependent on TAA1, which encodes a Trp aminotransferase and regulates auxin biosynthesis. TAA1 is specifically upregulated in the root-apex TZ in response to Al treatment, thus mediating local auxin biosynthesis and inhibition of root growth. The TAA1-regulated local auxin bi  ...[more]

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