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Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: All above ground organs of higher plants are ultimately derived from specialized organogenic structures called shoot apical meristems (SAMs). It is comprised of pluripotent stem cells, which divide to regenerate themselves as well as to provide cells to form other organs such as leaves and stems. To study global gene expression in maize SAM and very young primordia (P0 and P1), RNA was extracted from both SAMs (SAMs per se plus P0 and P1) and above-ground portions of seedlings collected from 14-day old B73 seedlings. These RNA samples were labeled and hybridized with cDNA microarrays that have over 37,000 informative spots from maize. Statistical analyses showed that approximately 7.4% and 6.0% of the tested genes were significantly (p <0.0001) up- and down-regulated, respectively. Several control genes, whose expressions were confirmed in the maize SAM in the previous studies, were also up-regulated (p <0.01). The significantly up-regulated genes involved many novel transcription factor genes and regulatory genes as well as some kinds of enzymes, suggesting these genes play important roles in meristem maintenance and the early stage of leaf development in maize. Interestingly, several retrotransposon-related genes were greatly up-regulated in the SAM. This finding raised the possibility that retrotransposons are involved in regulatory mechanisms of maize SAM. Keywords: cell type comparison design Overall design: An experimental aim is to identify genes preferentially expressed in maize SAM by comparing the transcript abundant between SAMs and seedlings using cDNA microarrays that have over 37,000 informative spots from maize.


SUBMITTER: Patrick S. Schnable  

PROVIDER: GSE6267 | GEO | 2007-06-07



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All above-ground plant organs are derived from shoot apical meristems (SAMs). Global analyses of gene expression were conducted on maize (Zea mays L.) SAMs to identify genes preferentially expressed in the SAM. The SAMs were collected from 14-day-old B73 seedlings via laser capture microdissection (LCM). The RNA samples extracted from LCM-collected SAMs and from seedlings were hybridized to microarrays spotted with 37 660 maize cDNAs. Approximately 30% (10 816) of these cDNAs were prepared as pa  ...[more]

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