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Global gene expression analysis comparing wild type and beta catenin deficient BxPC3 pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells.

ABSTRACT: Goal:obtaing an overview of gene expression changes in BxPC3 cells rendered deficient in beta-catenin protein due to a zinc-finger nuclease mediated disruption of the beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1). Overall design: Total RNA from exponentially growing cells were harvested and subjected to further analysis

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HumanHT-12 V4.0 expression beadchip

SUBMITTER: Petter Angell Olsen  

PROVIDER: GSE63072 | GEO | 2014-11-07



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Implications of targeted genomic disruption of β-catenin in BxPC-3 pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells.

Olsen Petter Angell PA   Solberg Nina Therese NT   Lund Kaja K   Vehus Tore T   Gelazauskaite Monika M   Wilson Steven Ray SR   Krauss Stefan S  

PloS one 20141223 12

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PA) is among the most aggressive human tumors with an overall 5-year survival rate of <5% and available treatments are only minimal effective. WNT/β-catenin signaling has been identified as one of 12 core signaling pathways that are commonly mutated in PA. To obtain more insight into the role of WNT/β-catenin signaling in PA we established human PA cell lines that are deficient of the central canonical WNT signaling protein β-catenin by using zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN)  ...[more]

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