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Transcriptome analysis of FOXF1 expressing cells at E7.5 of embryonic development

ABSTRACT: Comparison of the transcriptional profile of cells expressing FOXF1::VENUS and/or FLK1 in E7.5 mouse embryos carrying a foxf1::venus knock-in allele Overall design: Foxf1::venus E7.5 embryos were sorted based on FLK1 and FOXF1::VENUS expression (3 sorted populations, 2 biological replicates)

INSTRUMENT(S): [MoEx-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Exon 1.0 ST Array [probe set (exon) version]

SUBMITTER: Maud Fleury 

PROVIDER: GSE66574 | GEO | 2015-10-10



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FOXF1 inhibits hematopoietic lineage commitment during early mesoderm specification.

Fleury Maud M   Eliades Alexia A   Carlsson Peter P   Lacaud Georges G   Kouskoff Valerie V  

Development (Cambridge, England) 20150820 19

The molecular mechanisms orchestrating early mesoderm specification are still poorly understood. In particular, how alternate cell fate decisions are regulated in nascent mesoderm remains mostly unknown. In the present study, we investigated both in vitro in differentiating embryonic stem cells, and in vivo in gastrulating embryos, the lineage specification of early mesodermal precursors expressing or not the Forkhead transcription factor FOXF1. Our data revealed that FOXF1-expressing mesoderm i  ...[more]

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