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Analysis of the origin of parthenocarpy in Corinto Bianco grapes

ABSTRACT: Seedlessness is a highly relevant trait in grapevine berries that are intended for fresh consumption or raisin production. Corinto Bianco (CB) is a parthenocarpic somatic variant of the seeded cultivar Pedro Ximenes (PX). Both variants were compared to understand the basis of this parthenocarpic phenotype. CB berries ripened normally although their size was six times smaller than in PX. Macrogametogenesis was aborted in CB, which was also pollen sterile. Occasionally, one seed developed in 1.6% of CB berries that displayed a comparable size to that of PX berries. Microsatellite genotyping and flow cytometry analyses of seedlings generated from these seeds identified tetraploid plants recapitulating the same genotype than the mother plant and triploids likely resulting from fertilization of diploid cells by external pollen, uncovering that most CB viable gametes were unreduced gametes. Microarray and RNA-seq analyses identified 1,958 genes differentially expressed between CB and PX developing flowers. CB-upregulated and downregulated genes were enriched in sporophyte and gametophyte-preferential genes, respectively and indicated a lack of postmeiotic germline development in CB flowers. RNA-seq was also useful to identify SNP polymorphisms distinguishing both variants and parthenocarpy-responsible candidate genes including a putative deleterious substitution in the protein encoded by a HAL2-like gene. Overall design: A total of 6 samples were hybridized. RNA from Corinto Bianco and Pedro Ximenes flower buds, collected just before anthesis (closed flowers from inflorescences with few flowers starting to open, 1 dpa), were compared. Every sample was collected simultaneously and three biological replicates were analyzed for each sample.

INSTRUMENT(S): NimbleGen 090918 Vitus vinifera exp HX12 [090918_Vitus_exp; GENE_CALL_ID version]

SUBMITTER: Pablo Carbonell-Bejerano  

PROVIDER: GSE69282 | GEO | 2015-10-16



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Developmental, transcriptome, and genetic alterations associated with parthenocarpy in the grapevine seedless somatic variant Corinto bianco.

Royo Carolina C   Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo P   Torres-Pérez Rafael R   Nebish Anna A   Martínez Óscar Ó   Rey Manuel M   Aroutiounian Rouben R   Ibáñez Javier J   Martínez-Zapater José M JM  

Journal of experimental botany 20151009 1

Seedlessness is a relevant trait in grapevine cultivars intended for fresh consumption or raisin production. Previous DNA marker analysis indicated that Corinto bianco (CB) is a parthenocarpic somatic variant of the seeded cultivar Pedro Ximenes (PX). This study compared both variant lines to determine the basis of this parthenocarpic phenotype. At maturity, CB seedless berries were 6-fold smaller than PX berries. The macrogametophyte was absent from CB ovules, and CB was also pollen sterile. Oc  ...[more]

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