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Spermatozoal RNA Profiles (Human-6 BeadChip)

ABSTRACT: Normal human spermatogenesis concludes with the formation of large numbers of morphologically well developed spermatozoa. While transcriptionally quiescent these cells carry an RNA payload that reflects the final spermiogenic phase of transcription. We report here the spermatozoal transcript profiles characteristic of normally fertile individuals and infertile males suffering from a consistent and severe teratozoospermia in which under 4% of spermatozoa are morphologically normal. RNA was extracted from the purified sperm cells of ejaculate and hybridized to Illumina WG6 Microarrays. Keywords: disease state analysis Overall design: Spermatozoal RNAs were prepared from the semen samples of 13 individuals. An asymmetric dual block design was adopted with biological replicates in both blocks. 5 semen samples were assessed from normally fertile males who had fathered at least one child. 8 semen samples were assessed from infertile individuals with a severe and consistent heterogeneous teratozoospermia who showed no other abnormal semen parameters.

INSTRUMENT(S): Sentrix Human-6 Expression BeadChip

SUBMITTER: Stephen A Krawetz  

PROVIDER: GSE6967 | GEO | 2007-04-27



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We are coming to appreciate that at fertilization human spermatozoa deliver the paternal genome alongside a suite of structures, proteins and RNAs. Although the role of some of the structures and proteins as requisite elements for early human development has been established, the function of the sperm-delivered RNAs remains a point for discussion. The presence of RNAs in transcriptionally quiescent spermatozoa can only be derived from transcription that precedes late spermiogenesis. A cross-plat  ...[more]

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