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MeDIP assay using human myometrium of women with preterm labor of different phenotypes vs. normal term labor

ABSTRACT: Preterm birth is multifactorial in origin with several distinct clinical phenotypes of differing etiologies, including idiopathic preterm birth. Preterm birth involves the interaction of genetic, societal and environmental factors such as nutrition, lifestyle and stress that may modulate the length of gestation via the epigenome. DNA methylation is a well-studied epigenetic modification whereby promoter methylation commonly represses gene expression and vice versa. Myometrial tissue was obtained at cesarean section at term with or without labor, preterm without labor, idiopathic preterm labor, and twin gestations with labor. Differences in the myometrial epigenomes were identified at gene promoters, CpG islands, CpG island shores and shelves, gene bodies across the genome between the groups of women with preterm labor of different phenotypes vs. normal term labor. Functional clustering analysis indicated the significantly enriched pathways of hypomethylated genes (permissive) were related to acute inflammatory and acute-phase responses. By contrast, genes that are hypermethylated (repressive) revealed enrichment for contractile fibers and cell. This study provides the first high-resolution DNA methylome of human myometrium with evidence for differences in the methylome that may relate to idiopathic preterm birth via regulation of gene expression. The findings extend previous observations that idiopathic preterm labor is associated with subclinical intrauterine infection and inflammatory pathways and point to targets for further molecular characterization of preterm delivery. Overall design: Comparison of the human myometrial epigenomes in pregnancies with preterm labor of different phenotypes vs. normal term labor

INSTRUMENT(S): NimbleGen Human DNA Methylation 2.1M Deluxe Promoter Array [100929_HG19_Deluxe_Prom_Meth_HX1]

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Kohzoh Mitsuya  




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