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Transcriptomic changes in maize roots triggered by urease inhibitor NBPT

ABSTRACT: In the soil the stability of urea is affected by the presence of urease, a ubiquitous enzyme released in the rhizosphere by microbial population and by decomposition of organic matter. To reduce the impact on farmer economies and environmental pollution, a common agronomical practice consists of applying urease inhibitors which delays the hydrolysis of urea and, in turn, ammonia is slowly release in the soil. General aim of the present work was the description of changes in maize root transcriptome occurring in response to treatment with the urease inhibitor NBPT. Overall design: 5-d-old maize plants were treated for 8 hours with nutrient solution containing nitrogen in form of urea (0.5 mM) and 0.897 µM NBPT (N(n-butyl)thiophosphoric-triamide), urease inhibitor. Three different biological replicates were used for each sample repeating the experiment three times. All samples were obtained pooling roots of six plants.

INSTRUMENT(S): NimbleGen Zea mays 135K microarray [110902_Zmay_5B_PT_exp_HX12]

SUBMITTER: Anita Zamboni  

PROVIDER: GSE76828 | GEO | 2017-02-09



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Short-Term Treatment with the Urease Inhibitor N-(n-Butyl) Thiophosphoric Triamide (NBPT) Alters Urea Assimilation and Modulates Transcriptional Profiles of Genes Involved in Primary and Secondary Metabolism in Maize Seedlings.

Zanin Laura L   Venuti Silvia S   Tomasi Nicola N   Zamboni Anita A   De Brito Francisco Rita M RM   Varanini Zeno Z   Pinton Roberto R  

Frontiers in plant science 20160622

To limit nitrogen (N) losses from the soil, it has been suggested to provide urea to crops in conjunction with the urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT). However, recent studies reported that NBPT affects urea uptake and urease activity in plants. To shed light on these latter aspects, the effects of NBPT were studied analysing transcriptomic and metabolic changes occurring in urea-fed maize seedlings after a short-term exposure to the inhibitor. We provide evidence that NB  ...[more]

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