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Transcript profiling of normal and transformed buccal keratinocytes

ABSTRACT: Normal and two transformed buccal keratinocyte lines were cultured under a standardized condition to explore mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumor marker expression at transcript and protein level. An approach combining three bioinformatic programs allowed coupling of abundant proteins and large-scale transcript data to low-abundance transcriptional regulators. The analysis identified previously proposed, and suggested novel, protein biomarkers, Gene Ontology categories and molecular networks including functionally impaired key regulator genes for buccal/oral carcinoma. Keywords: Cell type comparison Overall design: Analysis of differential expression in two transformed buccal keratinocyte lines (SVpgC2a and SqCC/Y1) relative to normal buccal keratinocytes. Both normal and transformed cells were cultured under a standardized serum-free condition. Two replicates for all cell types were included.

INSTRUMENT(S): [HG-Focus] Affymetrix Human HG-Focus Target Array

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Roland Grafström 

PROVIDER: GSE7862 | GEO | 2007-08-21



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