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MiRNA expression profiles of estrogen-dependent and estrogen deprivation-resistant MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines

ABSTRACT: A series of MCF-7 variants were previously developed that are estrogen-dependent for growth (MCF-7:WS8 cells), or resistant to estrogen deprivation/vulnerable to fast (MCF-7:5C) and delayed (MCF-7:2A) E2-inducible apoptosis. To identify miRNAs associated with aromatase inhibitor (AI)-resistance and vulnerability to E2-induced apoptosis, estrogen deprivation-resistant 5C and 2A cells were compared to estrogen-dependent WS8 cells and among each other. Overall design: Total RNA from MCF-7:WS8, MCF-7:2A and MCF-7:5C cells was extracted. Three biological replicates per cell line derivative were performed. The profiling series included a total of 12 samples, preprocessed data from 9 samples (triplicates for WS8, 2A and 5C) were extracted for this study. Hybridization of biotin-labelled RNA was performed on Affymetrix GeneChip miRNA_2.0 Arrays.

INSTRUMENT(S): [miRNA-2] Affymetrix Multispecies miRNA-2 Array

SUBMITTER: Hiltrud Brauch  

PROVIDER: GSE79326 | GEO | 2017-03-01



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Profiles of miRNAs matched to biology in aromatase inhibitor resistant breast cancer.

Hoppe Reiner R   Fan Ping P   Büttner Florian F   Winter Stefan S   Tyagi Amit K AK   Cunliffe Heather H   Jordan V Craig VC   Brauch Hiltrud H  

Oncotarget 20161101 44

Aromatase inhibitor (AI) resistance during breast cancer treatment is mimicked by MCF-7:5C (5C) and MCF-7:2A (2A) cell lines that grow spontaneously. Survival signaling is reconfigured but cells are vulnerable to estradiol (E2)-inducible apoptosis. These model systems have alterations of stress related pathways including the accumulation of endoplasmic reticulum, oxidative, and inflammatory stress that occur prior to E2-induced apoptosis. We investigated miRNA expression profiles of 5C and 2A to  ...[more]

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