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Genome wide localizatoin of ORCA during G1 phase in U2OS cells and map of methyl-CpG sites in U2OS cells

ABSTRACT: ORCA is an ORC associated protein that plays important roles in replication initiation as well as heterochromatin organization. We carried out ORCA ChIP-seq in U2OS cells synchronized at different stage of G1 phase to determine its genome wide localization. To understand the genomic features of ORCA binding regions, we also carried out Methylated DNA IP (MeDIP) followed by deep sequencing in U2OS cells to determine the genome wide localizatoin of methyl-CpG sites in U2OS cells and how ORCA bidning regions co-localize with this important repressive mark. Overall design: ORCA ChIP-seq was carried out in U2OS cells that were synchronized at early, mid and late G1 phase. MeDIP-seq was performed in U2OS cells.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Homo sapiens)

SUBMITTER: Supriya Prasanth 

PROVIDER: GSE81165 | GEO | 2016-12-09



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Temporal association of ORCA/LRWD1 to late-firing origins during G1 dictates heterochromatin replication and organization.

Wang Yating Y   Khan Abid A   Marks Anna B AB   Smith Owen K OK   Giri Sumanprava S   Lin Yo-Chuen YC   Creager Rachel R   MacAlpine David M DM   Prasanth Kannanganattu V KV   Aladjem Mirit I MI   Prasanth Supriya G SG  

Nucleic acids research 20170301 5

DNA replication requires the recruitment of a pre-replication complex facilitated by Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) onto the chromatin during G1 phase of the cell cycle. The ORC-associated protein (ORCA/LRWD1) stabilizes ORC on chromatin. Here, we evaluated the genome-wide distribution of ORCA using ChIP-seq during specific time points of G1. ORCA binding sites on the G1 chromatin are dynamic and temporally regulated. ORCA association to specific genomic sites decreases as the cells progressed  ...[more]

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