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Expression data from Rattus norvegicus cornea

ABSTRACT: Inflammation is a key component of pathological angiogenesis. Here we induce cornea neovascularisation using sutures placed into the cornea, and sutures are removed to induce a regression phase. We used whole transcriptome microarray to monitor gene expression profies of several genes Overall design: This was a time course study conprising two arms. In the suture IN arm, sutures were maintained in the cornea after the 0h time point, while suture OUT arm is where both sutures were removed from the cornea at the 0h timpoint. 0h timepoint is when sprouts were 3/4 the distance from the pre-existing limbal vessels towards the sutures. Microarrays were performed at 0h, 24h suture IN and 24h suture OUT. Non sutured eyes from separate animals were used as controls. At each time point except for 0h=3 rats, the rest of the timepoints had four rats each.

INSTRUMENT(S): [RaGene-2_0-st] Affymetrix Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array [transcript (gene) version]

SUBMITTER: Neil Lagali 

PROVIDER: GSE81418 | GEO | 2016-08-18



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Factors regulating capillary remodeling in a reversible model of inflammatory corneal angiogenesis.

Mukwaya Anthony A   Peebo Beatrice B   Xeroudaki Maria M   Ali Zaheer Z   Lennikov Anton A   Jensen Lasse L   Lagali Neil N  

Scientific reports 20160826

Newly formed microcapillary networks arising in adult organisms by angiogenic and inflammatory stimuli contribute to pathologies such as corneal and retinal blindness, tumor growth, and metastasis. Therapeutic inhibition of pathologic angiogenesis has focused on targeting the VEGF pathway, while comparatively little attention has been given to remodeling of the new microcapillaries into a stabilized, functional, and persistent vascular network. Here, we used a novel reversible model of inflammat  ...[more]

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