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Tomato colonization by wt R. solanacearum and a hrp mutant

ABSTRACT: Tomato seeds (Solanum lycopersicum Mill., cultivar Marion) were germinated in vermiculite and 10-day old seedlings were transplanted into 4-inch plastic pots containing a mixture of composted pine bark and vermiculite (3:1) amended with lime and fertilizer. Plants were incubated in a growth chamber (constant 30oC, 14-h photoperiod; 180 ?mol s-1 m-2 light intensity) for 18-21 days before inoculation. Seedlings received a complete liquid fertilizer approximately 7 and 14 days after transplanting. Unwounded roots were inoculated with R. solanacearum by drenching the soil in each pot with 40 ml of water containing 1´107 CFU ml-1 of the wild type or 1´108 CFU ml-1 of the hrp mutant. Non inoculated plants received 40 ml of water. Four days after inoculation, a piece of each stem from about 1-cm above the soil line to just below the cotyledon node was excised, immediately plunged into liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80oC. A separate 0.5-cm stem section from the cotyledon node was removed aseptically from each plant and the number of bacteria in the section determined by dilution plating. Stem pieces from plants systemically colonized by R. solanacearum were pulverized in a mortar under liquid nitrogen, and total RNA was extracted with the Tri-Reagent (Molecular Research Center) and then treated with RNase-free recombinant DNase (Ambion) according to the recommended protocols from TIGR and stored at -70oC. Keywords: Direct comparison Overall design: 20 hybs total

INSTRUMENT(S): Potato 10k cDNA array version 3


PROVIDER: GSE8212 | GEO | 2007-09-01



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