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Effect of two potato viruses, PLRV and PVY, on potato gene expression in Russet Burbank

ABSTRACT: Potato plants (cv. Russet Burbank) were grown as in vitro plantlets, and transplanted into 12-cm pots in Sunshine Mix #2 (peat/perlite mix) supplemented with slow release fertilizer (Osmocoat) in the greenhouse. The experiment was conducted in the summer of 2004 at Moscow, ID. Plantings were staggered to facilitate collection of volatiles and leaf samples during a short harvest window for all times of all treatments. Infectious Green Peach Aphids were raised on PLRV-infected potato plants; test plants were infected by placing 10 infectious aphids on a leaf in a clip cage for 48 h. The control plants for PLRV were similarly treated with aphids that had been raised on uninfected potato plants. A local isolate of PVYO was inoculated mechanically using purified virus (5 ìg ml-1) in buffer (50 mM Na2HPO4, 20 mM Na2SO3 pH 7.0) lightly rubbed onto a leaf previously dusted with carborundum. Control plants for PVY were treated in the same manner using buffer without PVY. The RNA samples were made from systemically affected leaves, excluding the actual leaves inoculated by aphids or that received the mechanical infection. Leaf volatiles were concurrently collected from equivalent plants; aliquots of frozen leaf samples were sent for metabolite analysis prior to RNA extraction. Leaf harvests were made 1, 3, 7, 14, and 28 d post-inoculation. Keywords: Direct comparison Overall design: 31 hybs total

INSTRUMENT(S): Potato 10k cDNA array version 3


PROVIDER: GSE8213 | GEO | 2007-09-01



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