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Transcriptome changes during the differentiation of myoblasts into myotubes

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to interrogate the interrelationship between 3D genome organization and global gene expression during muscle development using a mouse C2C12 cell line as an in vitro model. The C2C12 cell line is a well-established and extensively studied in vitro model derived from serial passage of myoblasts cultured from the thigh muscle of C3H mice after a crush injury. C2C12 cells divide when mitogens are present in the culture medium and spontaneously differentiate into muscle-like multinucleated (myotubes) cells if the medium is depleted of mitogens (i.e. serum; (Bischoff 1986)). C2C12 cells were either harvested as: 1) proliferating myoblasts (Myoblasts); 2) myotubes that were not treated with AraC (as such these myotubes contained myoblasts) - Myotubes(Day3); or 3) myotubes which were treated with AraC (myoblasts were largely depleted from these myotube cultures; Myotubes(Day7+AraC). Overall design: RNA-seq of myoblasts, myotubes that were not treated with AraC (Day3) and myotubes which were treated with AraC (Day7). Two replicates per sample type.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Justin M. O'Sullivan  

PROVIDER: GSE84158 | GEO | 2017-04-07



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Linkages between changes in the 3D organization of the genome and transcription during myotube differentiation in vitro.

Doynova Malina D MD   Markworth James F JF   Cameron-Smith David D   Vickers Mark H MH   O'Sullivan Justin M JM  

Skeletal muscle 20170405 1

The spatial organization of eukaryotic genomes facilitates and reflects the underlying nuclear processes that are occurring in the cell. As such, the spatial organization of a genome represents a window on the genome biology that enables analysis of the nuclear regulatory processes that contribute to mammalian development.In this study, Hi-C and RNA-seq were used to capture the genome organization and transcriptome in mouse muscle progenitor cells (C2C12 myoblasts) before and after differentiati  ...[more]

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