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Vitis vinifera Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: Differences in gene expression were compared for grape berry flesh and skin. The aim of this analysis is to identify key genes that are differentially expressed in the skin or flesh during berry development. Keywords: Tissue specific gene expression analysis Overall design: Two biological replicates were collected for each treatment. Biotin labeled probes were prepared from the extracted RNA from each deseeded berry sample and hybridized to the Vitis vinifera GeneChip. The sample/GeneChip position on the Affymetrix hybridization station was randomized using the AlgDesign package from R.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Vitis_Vinifera] Affymetrix Vitis vinifera (Grape) Genome Array

SUBMITTER: Mark Raymond Thomas  

PROVIDER: GSE8445 | GEO | 2017-02-13



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Alignment of time course gene expression data and the classification of developmentally driven genes with hidden Markov models.

Robinson Sean S   Glonek Garique G   Koch Inge I   Thomas Mark M   Davies Christopher C  

BMC bioinformatics 20150618

BACKGROUND:We consider data from a time course microarray experiment that was conducted on grapevines over the development cycle of the grape berries at two different vineyards in South Australia. Although the underlying biological process of berry development is the same at both vineyards, there are differences in the timing of the development due to local conditions. We aim to align the data from the two vineyards to enable an integrated analysis of the gene expression and use the alignment of  ...[more]

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