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Circadian expression data from muscle stem cells from adult and aged mice fed with normal diet or calorie restricted

ABSTRACT: Caloric restriction (CR) enhances the function of adult stem cells and significantly extends the lifespan of many organisms including rodents. CR increases the expression of Period genes in several tissues in mice, and the circadian machinery is strongly influenced by feeding and metabolic pathways. Importantly, Bmal1-deficient mice, or Period/Timeless-deficient Drosophila are refractory to the lifespan extension induced by CR. We therefore studied whether CR could prevent the ageing related circadian reprogramming we had observed in muscle SCs. Overall design: Per-1 venus C57B6/J aged and adult mice were fed either ad libitum with control diet or a 30% food reduction compared to the ad libitum group intake of calorie restricted diet. The experiment was 25 week-long and started after an adaption period of 3 weeks, where calorie restricted animals were subjected to a 10% food reduction per week. The age groups were composed of 19-29 week old and 55-69 week old mice at the start of the adaption period. Four mice were used per each of the 6 time points (ZT0, ZT4, ZT8, ZT12, ZT16, ZT20) and per diet group. For sample collection, one mouse per diet group was sacrificed per day, all belonging to one time point.

INSTRUMENT(S): [HT_MG-430_PM] Affymetrix HT MG-430 PM Array Plate

SUBMITTER: Aikaterini Symeonidi  

PROVIDER: GSE84522 | GEO | 2017-08-10



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Normal homeostatic functions of adult stem cells have rhythmic daily oscillations that are believed to become arrhythmic during aging. Unexpectedly, we find that aged mice remain behaviorally circadian and that their epidermal and muscle stem cells retain a robustly rhythmic core circadian machinery. However, the oscillating transcriptome is extensively reprogrammed in aged stem cells, switching from genes involved in homeostasis to those involved in tissue-specific stresses, such as DNA damage  ...[more]

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