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Next generation sequencing of antibody heavy chain genes that bind to the hapten NP in sorted memory cells and long-lived plasma cells isolated from mice immunized orally with NP-CT

ABSTRACT: We report that there are differences in V gene usage in memory B cells and long-lived plasma cells after oral immunization. The hapten NP was conjugated to cholera toxin (CT) to create NP-CT, an antigen that is highly immunogenic after oral immunization. The NP hapten induces immune responses dominated by the 1-72 (VH186.2) heavy chain V region. The relationship between NP binding IgA antibody genes from memory B cells from spleen, MLN and Peyer´s patches and long-lived plasma cells from lamina propria and bone marrow that persisted 6-12 months after an oral immunization in three C57BL/6 mice with NP-CT was investigated. Extensive clonal overlap im clones was observed between long-lived memory cells from lamina propria and bone marrow, but very limited overlap was found between memory cells and plasma cells. The data suggest that memory and plasma cells formed through temporarily or anatomically separate processes. Overall design: RNA was prepared from memory cells and long-lived plasma cells from C57BL/6 mice that had been orally immunized with NP-CT 6-12 months before analysis

INSTRUMENT(S): Ion Torrent PGM (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Mats Bemark  

PROVIDER: GSE84698 | GEO | 2016-08-18



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Limited clonal relatedness between gut IgA plasma cells and memory B cells after oral immunization.

Bemark Mats M   Hazanov Helena H   Strömberg Anneli A   Komban Rathan R   Holmqvist Joel J   Köster Sofia S   Mattsson Johan J   Sikora Per P   Mehr Ramit R   Lycke Nils Y NY  

Nature communications 20160906

Understanding how memory B cells are induced and relate to long-lived plasma cells is important for vaccine development. Immunity to oral vaccines has been considered short-lived because of a poor ability to develop IgA B-cell memory. Here we demonstrate that long-lived mucosal IgA memory is readily achieved by oral but not systemic immunization in mouse models with NP hapten conjugated with cholera toxin and transfer of B1-8(high)/GFP(+) NP-specific B cells. Unexpectedly, memory B cells are poo  ...[more]

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