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Analysis of expression of genes involved in celiac disease

ABSTRACT: Celiac disease (CD) is a chronic immune-mediated disorder with an important genetic component. We analyzed the expression of candidate genes in biopsies from duodenum. Overall design: The sample set consisted of duodenal biopsies from 15 CD children at diagnosis (on a gluten-containing diet, with CD-associated antibodies, atrophy of intestinal villi and crypt hyperplasia), and the same patients in remission after being treated with gluten-free diet (GFD) for >2 years (asymptomatic, antibody negative, and normalized intestinal epithelium at that time), plus 15 tissue samples from non-celiac individuals not suffering from inflammation at the time of endoscopy, used as controls.

INSTRUMENT(S): Custom Fluidigm array with human genes related to celiac disease

SUBMITTER: Jose Ramon Bilbao  

PROVIDER: GSE84729 | GEO | 2016-10-31



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Ancestry-based stratified analysis of Immunochip data identifies novel associations with celiac disease.

Garcia-Etxebarria Koldo K   Jauregi-Miguel Amaia A   Romero-Garmendia Irati I   Plaza-Izurieta Leticia L   Legarda Maria M   Irastorza Iñaki I   Bilbao Jose Ramon JR  

European journal of human genetics : EJHG 20160921 12

To identify candidate genes in celiac disease (CD), we reanalyzed the whole Immunochip CD cohort using a different approach that clusters individuals based on immunoancestry prior to disease association analysis, rather than by geographical origin. We detected 636 new associated SNPs (P<7.02 × 10-07) and identified 5 novel genomic regions, extended 8 others previously identified and also detected 18 isolated signals defined by one or very few significant SNPs. To test whether we could identify p  ...[more]

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