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Kidney gene expression profiles from a lupus nephritis mouse model: NZB X NZW F1 (BWF1) mice treated with IFN-alpha with adenovirus delivery.

ABSTRACT: We characterized the longitudinal gene expression profiles of kidneys from a lupus model nephtiris: NZB X NZW F1 (BWF1) mice treated with IFN-alpha using adenovirus delivery. Genes from biological processes such as IFN response, complement, Fc gamma receptors, immune recruitment, innate immune pattern recognition, antibody response and fibrosis,were upregulated in diseased kidneys. Overall design: Kidneys were collected from NZB X NZW F1 (BWF1) mice after IFNalpha treatment using an adenovirus delivery at different time points (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 5, week 7, week 9 after treatment). The study includes control kidneys from 3 untreated mice and kidneys from 5 treated mice for each time points.

INSTRUMENT(S): [HT_MG-430_PM] Affymetrix HT MG-430 PM Array Plate

SUBMITTER: Agnes Gardet 

PROVIDER: GSE86423 | GEO | 2016-09-06



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