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Expression profiling of PpNAC1 RNAi Pinus pinaster plantlets

ABSTRACT: The transcriptome of PpNAC1 RNAi Pinus pinaster plantlets (60 days) were analyzed. Overall design: The samples are from two different PpNAC1 RNAi lines, PN5 and PN9 and were compared to wild type plantlets. Their trasncriptomes were analyzed using one color microarrays.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-044658 pinarray 3

SUBMITTER: Rafael A Cañas  

PROVIDER: GSE89341 | GEO | 2018-01-22


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PpNAC1, a main regulator of phenylalanine biosynthesis and utilization in maritime pine.

Pascual María Belén MB   Llebrés María-Teresa MT   Craven-Bartle Blanca B   Cañas Rafael A RA   Cánovas Francisco M FM   Ávila Concepción C  

Plant biotechnology journal 20171123 5

The transcriptional regulation of phenylalanine metabolism is particularly important in conifers, long-lived species that use large amounts of carbon in wood. Here, we show that the Pinus pinaster transcription factor, PpNAC1, is a main regulator of phenylalanine biosynthesis and utilization. A phylogenetic analysis classified PpNAC1 in the NST proteins group and was selected for functional characterization. PpNAC1 is predominantly expressed in the secondary xylem and compression wood of adult t  ...[more]

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