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Jmjd1a / Jmjd2c RNAi expression profile

ABSTRACT: Global gene expression effects of silencing Jmjd1a and Jmjd2c genes We used microarrays to detail the global programme of gene expression after silencing Jmjd1a gene and Jmjd2c gene separately Keywords: dose response Overall design: three biological replicates each for Jmjd1a and Jmjd2c RNAi transcript levels were compared with six biological replicated of LUC RNAi

INSTRUMENT(S): Sentrix Mouse-6 Expression BeadChip

SUBMITTER: Huck Hui Ng  

PROVIDER: GSE8937 | GEO | 2007-09-29



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Jmjd1a and Jmjd2c histone H3 Lys 9 demethylases regulate self-renewal in embryonic stem cells.

Loh Yuin-Han YH   Zhang Weiwei W   Chen Xi X   George Joshy J   Ng Huck-Hui HH  

Genes & development 20071001 20

Embryonic stem (ES) cells are pluripotent cells with the ability to self-renew indefinitely. These unique properties are controlled by genetic factors and chromatin structure. The exit from the self-renewing state is accompanied by changes in epigenetic chromatin modifications such as an induction in the silencing-associated histone H3 Lys 9 dimethylation and trimethylation (H3K9Me2/Me3) marks. Here, we show that the H3K9Me2 and H3K9Me3 demethylase genes, Jmjd1a and Jmjd2c, are positively regula  ...[more]

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