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Expression data from side-population sorted putative intestinal stem cells.

ABSTRACT: While the existence of intestinal epithelial stem cells (IESCs) has been well established, their study has been limited due to the inability to isolate them. Previous work has utilized side population (SP) sorting of the murine small intestinal mucosa to isolate a viable fraction of cells enriched for putative IESCs. We have used microarray analyses to characterize the molecular features of this potential stem cell population. Keywords: Comparitive gene expression analysis Overall design: Fluorescence activated cell sorting of cells stained with Hoechst 33342 and FITC labeled anti-CD45 antibody was used to isolate CD45-/SP and CD45-/nSP cell fractions from mucosal specimens pooled from 3 mice. Intact jejunum specimens were collected prior to sorting. 4 sorts were completed. Therefore, 3 experimental groups were defined: CD45-/SP, CD45-/nSP and intact jejunum, each with 4 biological replicates. Total RNA was extracted from each experiment group for each sort, resulting in 12 specimens submitted for analysis using Affymetrix 430 2.0 Gene Chips.


INSTRUMENT(S): [Mouse430_2] Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Ajay S Gulati   

PROVIDER: GSE9013 | GEO | 2007-11-12



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