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The distinct roles of class I and II RPD3-like histone deacetylases in salinity stress response

ABSTRACT: To understand affected genes by HDA19 and HDA5/14/15/18 under salinity stress conditions, hda19 and hda5/14/15/18 mutants and control (Col-0) plants were analyzed under normal and salinity stress conditions using Arabidopsis custom microarrays (GEO array platform: GPL19830). Overall design: Microarray analysis was conducted using hda19, hda5/14/15/18, and Col-0 plants subjected to non-stress and 125 mM NaCl salt-stress condition for 2 h.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-034592 Arabidopsis thaliana PSC_Custom [Feature number version]

SUBMITTER: Akihiro Matsui  

PROVIDER: GSE90562 | GEO | 2017-10-15



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The Distinct Roles of Class I and II RPD3-Like Histone Deacetylases in Salinity Stress Response.

Ueda Minoru M   Matsui Akihiro A   Tanaka Maho M   Nakamura Tomoe T   Abe Takahiro T   Sako Kaori K   Sasaki Taku T   Kim Jong-Myong JM   Ito Akihiro A   Nishino Norikazu N   Shimada Hiroaki H   Yoshida Minoru M   Seki Motoaki M  

Plant physiology 20171010 4

Histone acetylation is an essential process in the epigenetic regulation of diverse biological processes, including environmental stress responses in plants. Previously, our research group identified a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor (HDI) that confers salt tolerance in Arabidopsis (<i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i>). In this study, we demonstrate that class I HDAC (HDA19) and class II HDACs (HDA5/14/15/18) control responses to salt stress through different pathways. The screening of 12 different  ...[more]

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