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Investigation of the physiological functions of PRDM6

ABSTRACT: PRDM6 belongs to the PRDM family of transcriptional repressors that all contain a PR domain and Zinc finger domains. Prdm6 has transcriptional repressor activity. Prdm6 may regulate factors that are involved in the differentiation / proliferation of smooth muscle cells, promoting proliferation. PRDM6 knockouts are embryonic lethal around 12.0 dpc knockout embryos eventually develop edema: cardiovascular defect vascularization defect in the yolk sac: dysorganized angiogenesis Keywords: cDNA array, yolk sac, murine embryo E10.5 Overall design: 6 homozygote samples (yolk sacs), age 10.5 days, hybridized against a pool of of 6 wildtype samples in 12 replicates including 6 dye swap experiments.

INSTRUMENT(S): GSF/IEG mouse 21K array (+RZPD)

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Martin Irmler  

PROVIDER: GSE9065 | GEO | 2008-04-01



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