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The microbial taxonomic and functional compositions in three broadleaved forests in temperate and subtropical zones

ABSTRACT: Global warming has shifted climate zones poleward or upward. However, understanding the responses and mechanism of microbial community structure and functions relevant to natural climate zone succession is challenged by the high complexity of microbial communities. Here, we examined soil microbial community in three broadleaved forests located in the Wulu Mountain (WLM, temperate climate), Funiu Mountain (FNM, at the border of temperate and subtropical climate zones), or Shennongjia Mountain (SNJ, subtropical climate).Soils were characterized for geochemistry, Illumina sequencing was used to determine microbial taxonomic communities and GeoChips 5.0 were used to determine microbial functional genes. Overall design: Thirty samples were collected from three mountains in temperate and subtropical zones, with 10 replicates in every site

INSTRUMENT(S): GeoChip 5.0 [Central South University]

SUBMITTER: Xu Pengfei  

PROVIDER: GSE92233 | GEO | 2017-01-10



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