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Urea-Urea impact on the nitrogen metabolism of plant and on the nitrogen transport systems

ABSTRACT: ra05-09_urea - urea - What are the transcriptomic plant responses to urea nitrogen supply ? - Columbia Arabidopsis ecotype were grown hydroponically on 0.5 mM NH4NO3 as sole nitrogen source during 35 days under short days. Plants were then placed on 3 nutrient solutions supplemented, either with 1 mM NH4NO3, or with 0.5 mM NH4NO3 + 0.5 mM Urea, or with 1 mM Urea. Root and shoot samples were harvested separately 7 days after these different nitrogen treatments Keywords: treated vs untreated comparison Overall design: 8 dye-swap - CATMA arrays

INSTRUMENT(S): URGV Arabidopsis thaliana 25K CATMA_v2.2

SUBMITTER: Frederique Bitton  

PROVIDER: GSE9258 | GEO | 2007-10-16



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Physiological and transcriptomic aspects of urea uptake and assimilation in Arabidopsis plants.

Mérigout Patricia P   Lelandais Maud M   Bitton Frédérique F   Renou Jean-Pierre JP   Briand Xavier X   Meyer Christian C   Daniel-Vedele Françoise F  

Plant physiology 20080528 3

Urea is the major nitrogen (N) form supplied as fertilizer in agriculture, but it is also an important N metabolite in plants. Urea transport and assimilation were investigated in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). Uptake studies using (15)N-labeled urea demonstrated the capacity of Arabidopsis to absorb urea and that the urea uptake was regulated by the initial N status of the plants. Urea uptake was stimulated by urea but was reduced by the presence of ammonium nitrate in the growth medium. N  ...[more]

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