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Recovery from 30 MPa 25 C

ABSTRACT: Hydrostatic pressure is one of the physical factors affecting cellular physiology. Hydrostatic pressure of a few hundred MPa decreases the viability of yeast cells, and pressure of a few tens MPa decreases the growth rate. To understand the effect of hydrostatic pressure, we employed yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, DNA microarrays and analyzed genome-wide mRNA expression profiles under hydrostatic pressures. In this experiment, we selected a hydrostatic pressure of 30 MPa at 25 degrees C because yeast cells are able to grow with this condition. Keywords: stress response Overall design: Series contains triplicate hybridization results from independent biological samples respectively. 1st and 2nd hybridization data have high and low power scanned data, respectively. On the other hand, 3rd hybridization has single scanned data.

INSTRUMENT(S): Hitachisoft Hypergene Yeast Chip Ver. 1-1 (Lot01-05)

SUBMITTER: Emiko Kitagawa  

PROVIDER: GSE9403 | GEO | 2007-11-01



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