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Transcriptomic differences in bovine blastocysts following vitrification and slow freezing at morula stage [EmbryoCryoSF]

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to compare the transcriptome of vitrified and slow frozen embryos with the untreated control. Bovine embryos (compact morulae) were vitrified or slow frozen and post-warm embryos were cultured to expanded blastocyst stage. The vitrified- and slow frozen-derived were subjected to microarray analysis and compared with untreated control embryos for differential gene expression. Morula to blastocyst conversion rate was higher (P<0.05) in control (72%) and vitrified (77%) embryos compared to slow frozen (34%) embryos. Total 20 genes were upregulated and 44 genes were downregulated in the vitrified embryos (fold change ≥ +-2, P<0.05). In slow frozen embryos, 102 genes were upregulated and 63 genes were downregulated (fold change ≥ +-1.5, P<0.05) in comparison with untreated embryos. Vitrified embryos exhibited significant changes in gene expression mainly involving embryo implantation (PTGS2, CALB1), lipid peroxidation and ROS generation (HSD3B1, AKR1B1, APOA1) and cell differentiation (KRT19, CLDN23). The slow frozen embryos, however, showed significant changes in the expression of genes related to cell signaling (SPP1), cell structure and differentiation (DCLK2, JAM2 and VIM), and lipid metabolism (PLA2R1 and SMPD3). In silico comparison between vitrified and slow-frozen (reference) embryos revealed similar changes in gene expression as between vitrified and untreated embryos. In conclusion, the vitrified bovine embryos demonstrated better post-warming embryo development than slow-frozen bovine embryos but their gene expression related to lipid metabolism, steroidogenesis, cell differentiation and placentation changed significantly. Slow freezing killed more embryos than vitrification, and the survived embryos did not express significant change in their gene expression. Overall design: Slow freezen embryos intensities compared with fresh bovine embryos (control)

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-028298 Embryogene Bovine 45K microarray

SUBMITTER: Fernanda Dias  

PROVIDER: GSE95381 | GEO | 2017-03-31



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