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Mouse Fkbp8 activity is required to inhibit cell death and establish DV patterning in the posterior neural tube

ABSTRACT: Mouse Fkbp8 mutants specifically present with spinal cord abnormalities and spina bifida. The aim is to identify gene expression changes in the posterior embryonic tissue lacking the Fkbp8 gene, so as to understand genes or gene pathways important for normal spinal cord development. Keywords: Genetic modification Overall design: Heterozygous Fkbp8 mutant mice were intercrossed to obtain embryos of all three genotypes. Posterior tissue (immediately after forelimb bud) was dissected from E9.5 embryos and RNA extracted. Three wildtype tissues and three mutant tissues were used for hybridization on commercially available CodeLink Mouse Whole Genome array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Codelink Mouse Whole genome array platform for TAMU CERH genomics core

SUBMITTER: Rebecca Lee Yean Wong 

PROVIDER: GSE9604 | GEO | 2007-11-16



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Mouse Fkbp8 activity is required to inhibit cell death and establish dorso-ventral patterning in the posterior neural tube.

Wong Rebecca Lee Yean RL   Wlodarczyk Bogdan J BJ   Min Kyung Soo KS   Scott Melissa L ML   Kartiko Susan S   Yu Wei W   Merriweather Michelle Y MY   Vogel Peter P   Zambrowicz Brian P BP   Finnell Richard H RH  

Human molecular genetics 20071113 4

Neural tube defects (NTDs) are birth defects that can be disabling or lethal and are second in their prevalence after cardiac defects among major human congenital malformations. Spina bifida is a NTD where the spinal cord is dysplastic, and the overlying spinal column is absent. At present, the molecular mechanisms underlying the spinal bifida development are largely unknown. In this study, we present a Fkbp8 mouse mutant that has an isolated and completely penetrant spina bifida, which is folat  ...[more]

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