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Ectodini cichlid brain comparison of mating type

ABSTRACT: Throughout the animal kingdom, we know many examples of mating system evolution that exemplify adaptive responses to changes in the environment, yet our understanding of the accompanying neural and molecular mechanisms that give rise to such behavioral changes remains understudied. In the present study we aimed to define the molecular basis of interspecific variation in social organization in Ectodini cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. We selected four closely related species that represent two independent evolutions of monogamy: the polygynous Xenotilapia ochrogenys, the monogamous Xenotilapia flavipinnis, the polygynous Microdontochromis tenuidentata and the monogamous Asprotilapia leptura. Using a single cichlid microarray platform, we conducted a total of 28 direct comparisons for neural gene expression level among males and 26 among females of four species that represent 2 independent evolutions of monogamy. Our results indicate the gene expression profiles display remarkable plasticity across different time scales because we find differences associated with sex, mating system, and lineage. Overall design: We used a nested loop design with dye-swap to emphasize within-lineage comparison between species of different mating strategies. This data series represents males and females only and includes, for each sex, 9 arrays comparing inidividuals from 2 differeent species with different mating types (monogomous and polygamous)within the xenotilaipa lineage and 9 arrays comparing individuals from two different species of different mating types (polygamovus vs. monogomous) in the non-xenotilapia-lineage. There are 8 hybridizations that compare between the two lineages 4 of which are within-mating strategy and 4 of which are between mating strategy. Features have been filtered for sequence conservation across species under study.


INSTRUMENT(S): Hofmann A. burtoni 16K brain_pinky_array_print4

SUBMITTER: Suzy C.P. Renn  

PROVIDER: GSE97082 | GEO | 2017-03-28



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Gene expression signatures of mating system evolution.

Renn Suzy C P SCP   Machado Heather E HE   Duftner Nina N   Sessa Anna K AK   Harris Rayna M RM   Hofmann Hans A HA  

Genome 20170925 4

The diversity of mating systems among animals is astounding. Importantly, similar mating systems have evolved even across distantly related taxa. However, our understanding of the mechanisms underlying these convergently evolved phenotypes is limited. Here, we examine on a genomic scale the neuromolecular basis of social organization in cichlids of the tribe Ectodini from Lake Tanganyika. Using field-collected males and females of four closely related species representing two independent evoluti  ...[more]

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