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Gene expression differences between fast and slow growing individuals of carpet-shell clam (Ruditapes decussatus) assessed with a microarray in gills

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profiles of fast and slow growing adult individuals of Ruditapes decussatus Overall design: In this work we studied individual growth rate for a three month period in a sample of clams taken from the Ria Formosa (Portugal). Gene expression was studied in tindividuals that showed the fastest (F) and the slowest (S) growth rates. The study was carried out separately in the gills and the digestive gland. In detail, fifty adult clams of ca. 30 mm were captured in February in Ria Formosa, near Faro (Portugal). Animals were labeled and transferred to the nearby Ramalhete Marine Station, where they were placed in a 400 L PVC tank located outdoors and supplied with running sea water pumped directly from the nearby sea. The animals therefore had access to the same food that they ingested in the natural habitat. The tank was covered with a nylon mesh that let the air flow normally but kept the animals out of the view of potential predators such as seagulls. Clams were inspected daily to check for mortality or stress symptoms. Temperature and salinity in the sea water was recorded daily. Growth was recorded by measuring the increase in two dimensions of the animal shells. Measures of length and height were taken with a caliper at the onset and at the end of the experiment (12 weeks). The two measures were added up to give a single value of shell size. The growth rate for the study period was estimated as (Sf-Si)/Si, where Sf and Si stand for final and initial shell sizes, respectively. Clams were opened by cutting the adductor muscles with a scalpel blade. Then the gills and the digestive gland were excised with the help of sterile forceps and scissors, and placed in separate 2 ml plastic tubes containing 1.5 ml of RNA Later® solution. The tissues were let soak at 4⁰C for 12 h and then stored at -80⁰C until further processed. Here gills data are reported

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-035550 UniversityPadova_Ruditapes decussatus_8x15K_v4

SUBMITTER: Massimo Milan  

PROVIDER: GSE99243 | GEO | 2017-05-25



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