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Analysis of AML/MDS patients with 11q/MLL amplification

ABSTRACT: AML/MDS patients carrying 11q amplifications involving the mixed lineage leukemia gene (MLL) locus are characterized by a complex aberrant karyotype (CAK) frequently including deletions within 5q, 17p and 7q, a later onset and fast progression of the disease with extremely poor prognosis. We and others have shown that the MLL gene is overexpressed in amplified cases; however, in most of the cases the amplified region is not restricted to the MLL locus. In the present study we investigated 19 patients with AML/MDS and MLL gain/amplification. By means of array CGH performed in 12 patients we were able to delineate the minimal deleted regions within 5q, 17p and 7q and identified three independent regions 11q/I-III that were amplified in all cases. Gene expression profiles established in 15 cases (GSE10258) were used to define candidate genes within these regions. Interestingly, analysis of our data suggests an interdependency of loss of 5q and 17p and expression of genes present in 11q23-25. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the gene expression signature can be used to discriminate AML/MDS with MLL amplification from several other types of AML, thus, indicating specific pathogenesis present in this entity. Keywords: comparative genomic hybridization; array CGH Overall design: In this study, aCGH analysis performed on 12 DNA samples derived from patients with AML, preselected for the presence of MLL amplifications, were analysed on a submegabase resolution BAC array. No replicates, no dye swap was done. Gene expression profiling performed for 15 AML patients (GSE10258).

INSTRUMENT(S): MPIMG Homo sapiens 44K ArrayCGH4

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Reinhard Ullmann  

PROVIDER: GSE9928 | GEO | 2008-07-01



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